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This Concrete Can Trap CO2 Emissions Forever


Cement is responsible for 7% of global man-made greenhouse emissions, making it the world’s second largest industrial source of carbon dioxide, But a Canadian startup has invented a new system for making concrete that traps CO2 emissions forever. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

New Keys Cottages Provide One Model For Post-Irma Affordable Housing


Although a lot of federal money is coming into the Keys to help, it won’t get there for awhile. But there’s at least four new homes being built by the Florida Keys Community Land Trust, a new nonprofit group that has a million dollars in seed money. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Fund Managers Are Feelin’ Florida


The Sunshine State’s zero income tax and low property taxes were always a lure, and now with the new federal tax reforms, Florida has become an increasingly attractive option for Northeast hedge fund managers. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE